VTEDDY is the first open source business processes application by email. Mobile and Web (IMAP). Multi modules and the possibility to convert an email into an internal talk, a quote, a ticket and many other functionalities related to the corporate mails.

VTEDDY is ideal for who wants to categorize corporate emails based on the business objects. So, for example, it’s possible to categorize emails into quotes, customers, vendors, orders, tickets and much more.

Moreover vteddy permits to convert every corporate emails into business objects. So it’s very easy to create for example a ticket by mail or a customer by mail.

VTEDDY permits to “talk” internally about your corporate emails. So it’s possible to avoid to forward customer emails and just talk about that with your team.
The “Talks” tool, if is rightly used, can guarantee to cut off more than 50% of the Team’s email.
It can be used also with the vteddy APP, so it’s possible to “talk” about a mail customer request in mobility.

VTEDDY extra modules

VTEDDY Unique Mail Engine, VTeddy has on board a innovative technology that permits to improve the standard IMAP performances. This engine works in background to synchronise the emails that you receive by IMAP.