vteCORE04-1Open business webmail and mobile client

VTEDDY is released with a multichannel approach. So you can manage email and business entities from the main browsers and also from the main Tablets and Smartphones (iOS and Android).

Get the most from your Webmail
With VTEDDY you can manage easily and complete your email account.
In every email, you can trigger a business process: with one click you can turn an email into a quote, an event or calendar task, a customer request.
The e-mail becomes the kick-off for the main processes related to the customer and the organization in general.
With VTEDDY can share the emails received by customers with your employees, without forwarding and the ability to open conversations, with a savings of over 50% on internal emails.

You can use the calendar and email
of VTEDDY not only from a browser but also on smartphones and tablets. The APPs are available for iOS and Android.
Is even possible to download the code of the APP to customize it, check VTE Mobile project.