VTEDDY BUSINESS WEBMAILMail into the business processes

VTEDDY gives the possibility to use the emails into the business processes, such as:

  • convert an email into a customer request

  • convert an email into an organization

  • convert an email into a quote

  • convert an email into a project

It’s all the time possible to link an email to any other VTEDDY business module. In this way is possible very easily to keep the history of the emails relating them to the proper business entity. For example, if I receive an email from a customer where he is asking me something about a quote, I can relate that email to the proper quote. In the quote, it will be introduced a relation between the mail and the quote to increase the information in the time for all the organization.

VTEDDY is ideal for:

  • Those who want to related emails and business entities quickly

  • Those who don’t want to spent time in “copy and paste” activities

  • Those who want to keep the history of the information between customer and organization

Other important function of VTEDDY is the opportunity to “talk” into the organization about an email avoiding to forward it and receiving many replies that create confusion and disorganization.

How is it work?

  1. I receive an email from a customer

  2. I want to discuss about this email with my team avoiding to forward it

  3. I use the “Talks” in bottom of the email

  4. I choose the colleagues and I start to talk with them about the email

  5. the collegues will receive a Talk and the Application will be shared the mail with them automatically