Ok, there is a new version you want that your favorite teddy bear is up to date!

First, we suggest to make a copy of your vteddy directory and save the file in a safe place. This will help in case the new version does not work for you, you can always go back.

After doing this, make a dump of the database (schema and data). If the new vteddy version requires any changes to the database schema, you may need to restore this backup if you have to roll out to the earlier version.

Get the latest version

Click here and download it!

Update your existing vteddy installation

Now you can perform your upgrade!

Go to Settings as an admin user and click on the left menu the Module Manager tab.

Click on Install from zip package, select the upgrade file and Import.

Now, check the the upgrade details, if everything is ok, click on Yes.

So, this is it! That should be all that is needed to upgrade.

If you have problems, you can always restore the backups and try again, or ask for help on the forums. If you need help, be sure to take note of any errors that appear on your screen or in the log files.