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The Calendar module is web and mobile. It’s possible to share the calendar with your team and related any tasks or events with all the other business modules.


The Cases module contains all the information to manage the issues and the requests from the customers, contacts, organization. It’s even possible to manage by status and priority level.


The Contacts module contains personal data of physical persons, like:

  • company referents
  • potential private customers

For example, it’s useful if we have to keep note of the different people that are working for a customer


The FAQ Module contains the frequently asked questions related to the business processes


The Invoices module contains all the information to create and send to the customers invoices based on selled products and services.


The Mail module is also webmail and mobile client. It has a business value, cause it’s possible to relate and convert an email in an another business module. It’s multi-accounts and IMAP. It’s everytime possible to “talk” about an email internally at your team avoiding any forwarding.


The Organizations module manages all the information related to the different organizations that you get in contact during the business activities of your team. It can include: customers, potential customers, stakeholders, partners and many more.


The products module manages all the information related to your product and service portfolio. It’s also possible to use it to create quotes and invoices.

Project plan

The Projectplan module contains all the information to manage by status and team the projects of an organization.

Project task

The Project task module is related to the Project Plan module and it manages all the different operations related to a Project.