VTEDDY is a Business Mail Manager vteddy is a free and open source application for a customer-centered workflows and business webmail management. It includes a desktop-like user interface that runs on a standard LAMP server. You can easily manage your inboxes. Each email can trigger a business process: it is possible to turn a message into a calendar event, create an Organization starting from an email address or set a chat on a specific topic. 
Also sharing the received emails with other users of the system is simple. Our solution cuts down unnecessary forwarding while at the same time promotes the possibility of opening discussions. VTEDDY is multi-account (in IMAP mode) and it can be integrated with the main mail servers such as Gmail, MS Exchange, Zimbra and all the IMAP mail servers. You can create all the system users you need!


  • Messages: vteddy provides an integrated email client that allows users to perform actions on incoming email. You could create Organizations, Calendar Events and To Dos from the emails received in your inbox. Additionally, you can manage composing, replying, forwarding emails and starting a conversation with the system users about the topic of the message.
  • Shared Calendars: the calendar allows users to schedule and manage activities such as calls, meetings, and tasks. It’s possible to share your calendar with other users of the system (this module manages colors of events based on the users).
  • Organizations Module represents  a company, an institution, an existing customer or, generically, an information about a group of people that you want to store in your system. You could track your activities, even business deals, through e-mails and calendar events. If the deal is won, Organization will represent a qualified customer. If the deal is lost or something else, you can always have an archive of Organizations in your system with an intention of having activities with them some time in future.
  • Products Module represents your Inventory and they can be either procured from your suppliers or rendered to your customers depending upon nature of your business.
  • Documents Module are the qualified files you save in your system. You can either upload files directly or provide an external link to download the file. Files can be classified by grouping them under different folders.
  • Conversations: built in the system there is a chat mechanism that allows users to discuss among themselves about any topic, even on the data stored on the system.
  • PDFMaker: this features will help you to create custom templates that make pdf file based on system data. As a result, you can use customized documents for your activities.
  • Reports and Charts: these modules allows users to build, generate, and manage reports and charts.

Server requirements

  • Apache2 web server
  • PHP Version 5.3
  • MySQL
  • An IMAP server which supports IMAP4 rev1
  • An SMTP server

License VTEDDY is released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (“AGPL”). Everyone is welcome to download and use it, deploy it and to re-distribute it. The code is provided «as-is» and in no event shall the copyright owner or contributors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages.